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Review: Sidewalk Caesars review by Scrapomatic

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Sidewalk Caesars by Scrapomatic

Landslide Records



You might know Mike Mattison as the lead singer for the Derek Trucks Band. Before he joined that band he worked with Paul Olsen in a band they called Scrapomatic. Derek Trucks Band is a great musical endeavor but I thank God Mattison didn’t quit doing the Scrapomatic thing.

Sidewalk Caesars” is the follow up to “Alligator Love Cry” from 2006. This disc is based in the blues, but it has to be called roots music. Mattison’s vocals are raw and smooth. Paul Olsen is quite adept on vocals, added to his masterful guitar. Together these guys have a wonderful sound. Then there is the songwriting. Creative, witty songs that focus on themes of love, salvation and other timeless subjects, without sounding tired. The songs range from flat out rockers that will have you bouncing in your seat to more subdued numbers that will make you slowly nod your head. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite, but I like Drink House, Killing Yourself On Purpose, Long Gone, Hook Line And Sinker, The Old Whiskey Show, Drunken Spree, I Just Wanna Hang Around With You, and Good Luck With Your Impossible Dream. This is a great CD to add to any collection!