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Review: Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away by Slaid Cleaves

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away

by Slaid Cleaves

Music Road Records


I got the mail and I saw a new Slaid Cleaves CD. The first thing that ran through my mind was that I hadn’t listened to any Slaid Cleaves in a while.

I put the disc in the player as soon as I got home and proceeded to look for my other Slaid CD’s. I kept getting distracted by the music as I looked, eventually I quit looking and concentrated on the new music.

Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away is the new CD. Songs that have characters like hookers and heroes, beaten women and men. People dealing with grief and broken relationships. Lovers good, lovers bad and all kinds of things that make us sad.

Featuring ten original songs and a cover of one of my favorite Ray Bonneville songs. This disc is loaded with great writing and great performances.

Cry starts out the disc, a great song about how relationships can go on forever with no real value. Between a dream and a lie
Between hope and what’s real After so many years of ‘Let’s work it out’ You’d think there’d be some kind of deal
Cry for your mama, Cry for your dad
Cry for everything you know they never had
The love they never had.

Green Mountains and Me explores feelings of a wife before, during and after the death of her soldier husband. It’s quiet here, your little boy’s asleep He looks more like you every day
Won’t you come back, come back my darlin’ Each night I pray on bended knee
Won’t you come back to the Green Mountains and me

Though most of the songs are about sad things and trouble, there is an underlying theme of hope as the last stanza indicates in Beautiful Thing. I live in a land of hope and betrayal
I get up each morning, try to tell the tale And so until my dying day whatever fate may bring A dark age looms, there’s evil at hand
Somehow I still believe in the goodness of man
It’s a beautiful thing

Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away is a great CD. You should add it to your collection as soon as possible. By the way anyone out there who borrowed my other Slaid Cleaves CD’s, I WANT THEM BACK!

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