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Interview with Bruce McCabe and Larry McCabe

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Ever since I started playing music by the Hoopsnakes on my radio show in the early ’90’s, I have wanted to meet Bruce McCabe. Bruce’s talent is beyond questioning. He is a fantastic keyboard player, singer and songwriter. Bruce has played with Bernard Allison, Syl Johnson, Kim Wilson, Jonny Lang and numerous others. His songs have been recorded by The Lamont Cranston Band, Rene Austin and Jonny Lang and others. Bruce was born in Maquoketa Iowa and grew up in my hometown of Clinton Iowa. I know many guys that Bruce went to school with and ran around with in his early years. I thought it would be a great interview to sit down with Bruce and talk about the early years of his music experience. It took me twenty years, but I finally met Mr. McCabe. I have to say that Bruce McCabe is one of the most interesting and humble musicians I have ever met.  I also found that Bruce has some deep seated anxiety about doing interviews and about the internet in particular. I didn’t want Bruce to be uncomfortable so I thought I would keep it as short as possible but still get something worth hearing. When I met Bruce I also had the pleasure of meeting Larry McCabe, Bruce’s cousin. Larry McCabe is a wonderful musician who like Bruce has traveled the world playing with numerous different bands both big and small. Larry sat in on a couple songs with Bruce McCabe and The Rich Poor Men at the Prairie Dog Blues Festival in Du Chien Wisconsin. Larry learned his craft at his high school in Aurora Illinois and he is a master on the Trombone. If you know who Bruce McCabe is then I know you will appreciate the interview, if you are unaware of Bruce McCabe then I hope this interview will excite you enough to encourage you to look for and purchase the music he and his bands have been playing for more than four decades. Please listen to and enjoy this short interview with Bruce McCabe and his cousin Larry McCabe.