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Review: Red Top by Liz Mandeville

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Red Top by Liz Mandeville

Earwig Music Company, Inc.




The first time I saw Liz Mandeville was at The River City Brewing Co. in Clinton Iowa. I don’t remember what year, but it was in the Eighties (there is a whole lot about those years I don’t remember). The band was on break and a friend walked in and asked “what’s the band like”. I said “the girl can sing! She’s a blend of Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and Janis Joplin with a little Bette Midler sprinkled on top. I heard a screech and Liz jumped on my back. She kissed my cheek and said “that’s the nicest thing anyone ever said about me”.


Listening to Red Top her fourth CD for Earwig, those comparisons are still evident. But it is really hard to say she sounds like this one or that one. Liz sounds like Liz. There is no doubt that she plays the blues but she has developed her own sound and style. That voice is fabulous. The musicianship is outstanding. This is one great disc.


Liz penned all songs. I love her sense of humor and double entendre lyrics on songs like Scratch The Kitty, Rub My Belly and Spanky Butt. Liz also has a serious side. Illinois National Guard Blues speaks of the pain felt by those left behind while unsuspecting loved ones serve two or three tours (or more) in Iraq.


My favorite cuts are; Corner Bar Blues, So Smart Baby, Guilty of Rockin’ All Night, Bad Man Blues, Oh! Hell, I could list the whole damn CD.


This is a hot one man. Go to the local shop and pick it up!