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Review of Heartbroke City by Ned Van Go

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Heartbroke City

Ned Van Go


Ned Van Go are roots rockers from East Nashville, Tennessee. They blend rock, folk, bluegrass and all sorts of music so seamlessly it reminds me of Cherry Coke. You’re not sure where one flavor ends and the other begins, but it sure is tasty. Nine originals and two covers, their songs are working man anthems. Ned Hill’s lyrics explore the struggles shared by people who are living the American nightmare. Sharing problems with millions of people across this nation and around the world. These songs are universal.

The cover of Tom T. Hall’s, “Me And Jesus” is a fabulous rockin’ version. “Save Me From This World (A Prison Song)”, is a poignant song about an innocent man serving time in prison. “Mountain Top Removal” is a song that tells about the exploitation of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. “One More Round” puts the blame of a broken relationship squarely on his own shoulders. These are great songs about everyday life. On those days when you feel bad about your life, listen to “Heartbroke City”. It won’t make you forget about your troubles, but you sure won’t feel alone.