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Edward David Anderson Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions

Friday, November 13th, 2015

Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions is the new nine track release by Edward David Anderson. It is his second solo album and the follow-up to his solo debut from 2014, Lies & Wishes. Lies & Wishes was produced by Steve Berlin and this new one is produced by Anthony Crawford. Anderson grew up in the far western suburbs of Chicago, a little town called St. Charles, where on one side of the street, there are strip malls and the other side, corn fields. He has been living in Bloomington Illinois for a number of years, and recently decided to escape the brutal Midwest winters by spending that season on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. Anderson met Crawford in Alabama, where Crawford lives just a short drive away from the RV Park where Anderson spends his winters. Anderson had the itch to get back into the studio and record some of the songs he had been working with over the last few years. He thought if he could get Crawford involved it could be spectacular, he was right. The album is a roots based record that will enrapture the listener in a world of memories from their own past. Those memories, some clear and unforgettable others murky and almost forgotten, will be recalled while listening to the songs on this wonderful album.
Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions starts out with a song called Firefly. When you hear the opening strikes on the fiddle string, you find yourself standing in the backwoods surrounded by cornfields or cotton fields, depending on where you grew up. The song was written by Anderson some twenty years ago. He reworked it and added it to this recording session. Crawford does some nice fiddle playing and the backing vocals are provided by Savana Lee, who is married to Crawford. There is also some nice guitar work by Will Kimbrough. In life you have to make decisions, about love, about values, you have to find your own way, and make your own destiny. You can give in, and do what you’re told. You waste away, and you grow old. Or you can shine brightly, light up the sky. Light up the sky like a Firefly. Sentimental in the Morning is next with some deep thoughts about life and how much time we have to live it: …How many nights will I do my thing, how many songs will I get to sing…How many times will I kiss your lips, how many nights will I not resist…How many times will I say goodbye, how many nights will I sit and cry. Next up is a song about a place that Anderson finds enticing. It’s a loping country tune which fondly recalls a great space called Silverhill. I’m going back to Silverhill, where the music plays and the moon is blue, I’m going back to Silverhill. Jimmy and Bob and Jack, are fun loving guys who want everything to be easy. Their quest to make it easy however, turns into nothing but hard times. Jim worked at a liquor store, Jack he had a plan, gonna leave the back door open, hit the safe and off they’d scram, Never have to work again, all buy brand new cars, buying all the latest drinks in all the local bars. I know these guys, actually I know a few sets of these guys. It didn’t work out any better for them either. Cried My Eyes Dry is song number five. The song is about living with loss. Weather the loss is material or life itself, you dry your tears and find your way forward. My windows are open, I feel the sun on my face…my heart is still broken, but I’m back in the race.
Well that is the first five songs from Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions. The other four songs are just as good as these are. The writing is top notch and musicianship is fantastic. It features Edward David Anderson on vocals, nylon string guitar and banjo with Anthony Crawford on several instruments: guitars, pedal steel, paddle, mandolin, lap steel, fiddle, keys, harmonica, bass, drums, percussion and backing vocals, Savana Lee Crawford on backing vocals, Will Kimbrough – electric guitar and Karl Langley – drums on tracks 2 & 4. The album is produced by Anthony Crawford, who also recorded, engineered and mixed it at his own Admiral Bean Studio in Loxley, Alabama. It was mastered by Jamie Sitar at Outta Town Sound, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. What else can I say? This is one great recording. As I listen to it again for the umpteenth time, I’m noticing that the music is lighting up the sky like a Firefly!