Review: Treat Me Right by Robin Rogers

Treat Me Right by Robin Rogers

Blind Pig Records





Anyone who picked up the John Nemeth CD without really knowing who he was (and loved it) should do the same with Robin Rogers. This is another obscure artist signed by Blind Pig, who is ready to take on the world. Like John Nemeth, Robin Rogers has been around for awhile. So far known only in her own little universe, Rogers is ready to explode like a nova. It won’t be long and you’ll be seeing her on the major Festival Circuit. Treat Me Right is the title track and kicks off the disc. It’s a great cut that showcases Rogers strong vocal abilities. Her voice sounds like a cross between Sue Foley and Angela Strehli, but it sounds like she may have swallowed a few more shots of bourbon, along the way, than her contemporaries. My favorite cut is Color Blind Angel, a tribute to civil rights worker Viola Liuzzo who was assassinated by the KKK in 1965. Go out and pick up a copy of Treat Me Right by Robin Rogers on Blind Pig Records. I mean go to the store now! You won’t be sorry you made a special trip, because this CD is worth it.


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