Review of Rain or Shine by Joe Price

Rain or Shine

Joe Price

Blues Acres Productions


Holy Cow! Rain or Shine, the new release by Joe Price is the best piece of raw country blues I’ve heard in a very long time. Actually it’s not a total surprise; I’ve been listening to Joe Price since the days when his recordings were only available on cassette tape. This CD is however, is an exceptional disc. The disc features ten tunes, alternating between vocal tracks and instrumentals. “Hornet’s Nest” is an excellent choice to start out the disc. “Joe’s Guitar Stomp” follows and is a fabulous gritty instrumental. The whole CD is full of hollerin’, rip roarin’, foot stompin’ good time music. Joe’s lovely wife Vicki Price joins in, providing a second guitar on three tracks and back-up vocals on the rockin’ “Steel Guitar”. Vicki’s son Keni Ewing sits in on drums while Al Naylor blows trumpet on “Rock Slide” to close out the CD. Hey everybody grab your forks and stick ‘em in, this slab of country blues is very well done.

Beer Tent Boogie Woogie

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