Review of Good To Be by Backyard Tire Fire

Good To Be

Backyard Tire Fire

Kelsey Street Records


When I first heard The Places We Lived, I was convinced that Backyard Tire Fire were going to take off. The next time I would see them play would be in a stadium somewhere. After hearing Good To Be the new release from Backyard Tire Fire, I am convinced that I was right then and I hold on to that feeling now and I always will. I understand that Grammy winning producer Steve Berlin, who plays in the band Los Lobos, also thinks very highly of the guys. So much so that he produced Good To Be.

The disc starts out with Roadsong #39. The song talks about the trials and tribulations of being on the road. It’s tough but it’s also exciting and worth it in the end. “there’s a smell that I know, it’s sweaty and it’s smoky and it’s ripe and it’s rock and roll”. Ready or Not and Learning to Swim are both excellent songs about life in general. Then comes my favorite track on the disc (well right now anyway). Brady is a song about a teenage boy who goes looking for sex. “Brady got a lady down in Amsterdam oh oh oh He saw her in the window”. It turns out he’s a little too nervous. Food for Thought wonders Whatcha gonna do with your stuff when you’re gone?, ‘Cause when you’re through and your time has come, And you think you’ve had your fun, All that really matters is what you’ve done”.

Good To Be is a CD full of songs with great writing and wonderful performances. There are fabulous Beach Boy like harmonies, and there are moments that make me think of The Beatles, The Kinks and Tom Petty.
It’s full of songs that say life isn’t all that easy. It doesn’t matter what you do, where you live or even what you believe in, if you keep trudging through all the tough stuff, it’s still worth living.

This disc reminds me, There’s a sound that I know, and I like it and I love it and it’s Rock ‘n’ Roll. So I would like to say thanks to the Tire Fire boys and to Steve Berlin, the world is a little easier when you have fine music to listen to.

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