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  When submitting music for airplay or review please remember I am a private contractor. The radio stations that carry my shows do not play your music. Your music is heard on their stations only through my show. Therefore please send all correspondence to: Billy Rose, POB 2213, Clinton, Iowa, 52733-2213

I created Midwest Revue in 1987. The idea was to give local and regional musicians airplay. After Midwest Revue was on the air for about four months, I expanded the show to two hours. I began to get so much music I had a hard time reviewing everything before I played it on the show. I decided to play only original material. After the show was on the air for 1 year, I was getting music from all over ther Midwest. When I reached the 2 year mark, I cut down on the styles of music I was playing. I decided to concentrate on Rock, Pop, Folk, Country and Blues. At this time I also started having Live In The Studio performances.

Midwest Revue debuted on FM 97.7 KCLN on Labor Day weekend in 1987. After more than 12 years on that station, new owners took over. The new owners were from outside the listening area and had no idea what kind of following Midwest Revue had. They changed the format at KCLN to Hot Country. They asked me to change Midwest Revue to a new country format, I refused. I told them Midwesrt Revue was a place that regional musicians could get airplay and that people loved hearing local music on the radio. The new owners said there was no place at their station for that kind of show. I left KCLN on a Tuesday, the following Sunday Midwest Revue was heard for the first time on AM-1340 KROS.

On Labor Day weekend 2007 Midwest Revue celebrated 20 years on the air in Clinton Iowa. I had a party and invited local musicians to come a play Live In The Studio. Current and former members of The Unidynes, Greg Feir Band, One Brick Shy, The Nationals, The Muncko Brothers, Ric Pike Band and more showed up and we all had a blast. My best buddy Jack “Jack Spunk” Schmalfeldt stopped in and played a couple new songs from his new band The Muncko Brothers. He also had a annivesary gift for me. I had been doing Midwest Revue for 20 years and never had a theme song. Jack wrote and played The Midwest Revue Theme for me, and I loved it. A few months later Jack Schmalfeldt died from asbestos related lung cancer. The 20 year Annivesary show was Jack’s last public performance.

Since that show I have been using that live recording of The Midwest Revue Theme, to open the show. It’s raw and there are a couple mistakes. But as far as I’m concerned it’s perfect. Thanks Jack, I will never forget you. 


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