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Review of Burnin’ Love by Dave Weld and The Imperial Flames

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Dave Weld and The Imperial Flames
Burnin’ Love
Delmark Records 2010

It’s been a long time coming. I first talked to Dave Weld about the record he was working on in December of 1999. Dave Weld is a man who displays fervent loyalty to those he cares about. Whether it’s J.B. Hutto, Lil’ Ed Williams or his mother, Dave bends over backwards to help out a friend in need. For nearly ten years Dave Weld put his recording career on hold to take care of his mom. After Dave’s mom died, Dave and band member Monica Myhre loaded the body in his van and returned her to the soil of West Virginia. Dave’s undying devotion is returned back to him through the loyalty of his band. Playing live shows to keep food on the table during those tough years, when Dave was taking care of his mother, had to be hard on the band too. With all of that behind them, they got down to business and have put out a very strong new CD.
Sweet Shiny Brown Eyes opens up the disc and is a great upbeat song. Followed by Ramblin’, the first of two compositions by Dave Weld and Monica Myhre, the track has great guitar work and an excellent sax solo by Abb Locke. The title track Burnin’ Love is an upbeat shuffle featuring a nifty guitar solo from Dave and more very nice sax work from Abb. Up next is a song written by drummer Jeff Taylor. Taylor wrote two of the songs on this disc and does lead vocals on both. I Got Mad is a song Taylor likes to refer to as his Bobbitt song. With lyrics like Once she told me, you’re tryin’ to be slick, she said I will take this knife and I will cut off your…
He doesn’t finish the sentence but you get the idea. She’s Mine is next and followed by Talk Dirty the first of two original songs written by Monica Myhre. Myhre does lead vocals on the romping number with more solid guitar work. Donnie Lee is a song written by Dave and Monica, a heartfelt tune (that made my wife cry) about Dave’s mother. Ed’s Boogie written and sung by Lil’ Ed Williams is pure Lil’ Ed. Next is Peace Of Mind Dave says was inspired by Lil’ Ed and Monica. Listen To Mama, is the other song written by Monica Myhre, explores a mother daughter relationship, followed by Jeff Taylor’s second composition All Of These Things. Both are solid numbers. J. B. Hutto’s, Things Are So Slow is the twelfth song with some updated lyrics and Dave does some very nice slide guitar work. She’s Lyin’ is the final track and goes out with a bang, as this upbeat number features more great sax and guitar work.
The musicianship is excellent throughout. The vocals (four different leads) are also top tier. Add some great guests like Harry Yaseen on piano and Lil’ Ed on rhythm guitar, and lead vocals on one track and this CD is one great comeback for Dave Weld and The Imperial Flames. Welcome back!