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Review: This Is Somewhere by Grace Potter and The Nocturnals

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

This Is Somewhere

Grace Potter and The Nocturnals

Ragged Company Records



Grace Potter and The Nocturnals is a young band with old souls. The band has a vintage “classic rock” sound that is not a bit dated. They blend the sounds of rock, blues and country to create a sound similar to late sixties and early seventies album rock. Great lyrics written by Grace Potter and the wonderful playing by The Nocturnals combine and result in an explosion of sonic bliss.

This Is Somewhere is the latest release by Potter and the boys. After listening to the disc once I was amazed that this band was so young. I have since listened to This Is Somewhere about one hundred times or more, but who’s counting.

Ah Mary starts out the CD and is a great opening track. It kind of makes me think of how the rest of the world must think of the good ol’ USA. Stop The Bus is another good song, that is kind of Tom Pettyish. Apologies is an agonizing love song that compares love to war.

I could go on saying good things about each song but I think it would get a little repetitive. Instead I’ll just say This Is Somewhere is a great CD. There is no one song that I would say was unsubstantial or weak. Grace Potter is a great vocalist she is also quite adept on the B3, piano and as a rhythm guitar player. Scott Tournet is a master guitarist, at times reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix. Matt Burr keeps the pulse steady on drums and Bryan Dondero fattens the sound with his bass.

 Like I said earlier they combine their talents together to form an explosion of sonic bliss. After hearing This Is Somwhere, I know you’re gonna want to catch Grace Potter and The Nocturnals live and you won’t be disappointed, but THAT is a whole other story.