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A Short Interview with Frank Strong

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Frank Strong is a musician from Des Moines Iowa. Frank is visually impaired. In addition to music Frank works at a center for independent living, giving guidance to people with disabilities. During the month of July, Frank and his trusty driver Chris, are traveling across Iowa to ride and perform on every fixed route transit system in the state. What a great way to promote public transit! Frank is doing two things that are close to my heart. I have enjoyed music my whole life and for more than 23 years I have been employed by the city of Clinton Iowa as fixed route bus driver. Frank and Chris came to Clinton on July 16, 2011 to do their thing on the Clinton bus system known as the MTA. At the end of the day I sat down with Frank and talked to him about his mission. I hope you enjoy listening to Frank as he talks about his experience in and outside of the music business.