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Review: Last Exit To Happyland by Gurf Morlix

Friday, February 27th, 2009


Last Exit To Happyland

By Gurf Morlix

Released 2009


Gurf Morlix is one of those guys that make you say, Who? Morlix has been around for years. He’s played with a who’s who of American music. He plays numerous instruments, he produces, he engineers, he sings and he writes.

Gurf Morlix is one of those guys who could do an album completely alone. Last Exit To Happyland comes close. Morlix plays all instruments except drums. The drums are left to the capable hands of Ricky Richards. Lending vocals on five of the ten songs are Patty Griffin, Barbara Kooyman (Barbara K of Timbuk 3) and Ruthie Foster.

The CD features the sparse production you expect from Gurf Morlix. It has that roots sound that Morlix calls “muddy”, a collaboration of traditional country, blues, folk and rock music that has come to be know as Americana.

One More Second is a perfect opener. How many instances in a lifetime could one more second have changed your mind and your life’s path? “One more second, might have saved my soul.” Drums From New Orleans tells how Gurf, like so many of us, would “search the dial” at night just trying to catch a few notes of wonderful music from other parts of the country. The moans and groans from Ruthie Foster make this one an immediate classic. Music You Mighta Made tips the hat to the late great Blaze Foley, whom Morlix was friends with.

Last Exit To Happyland is the latest and greatest from Gurf Morlix, who has been playing music for four decades. Morlix is a master at making simplicity very complicated. There are ten new songs all written by Morlix. I Got Nothin’ and Drums Of New Orleans were co-written with George Carver. Every song on this disc is worth hearing. Pick up this one you won’t be disappointed.