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Interview with The Fast Clydes

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

The Fast Clydes are a rockabilly band from Dubuque Iowa. The band members are Dan Caraway on Bass Fiddle, Curt Lichter on Drums and Jay Jubeck on Guitar. The guys have all been in numerous bands over the years. This band, The Fast Clydes is the first time they have joined forces to play music together as a band. I have heard them play a couple different times and they are hard working, fast paced and above all FUN! On Sunday July 24 I saw The Fast Clydes play at The Tabor Home Winery in Baldwin Iowa. It was a very hot day. The heat however did not stop anybody from getting up and shaking their tail feathers. Everybody was soaking wet with sweat by the end of the show, except Jay! So, I had to ask him about his cool calm and collected disposition. Please take a few minutes to listen to The Fast Clydes talk about their history as musicians and their own take on rockabilly as an art form.